A tradition to be revived, the values of nature, the commitment to innovation!

​​Eurolactis Donkey's Ambassador

Eurolactis Donkey's Ambassador. Finally top quality, tested Donkey's milk products that are available on local, national and international markets.

With this goal in mind, Eurolactis was founded in 2006. Its history is closely linked to the pioneers of donkey's milk (around 15 years of experience), who have had unique, impassioned careers in their fields, and the ambitious R&D work that provided reliable statistics on the many virtues of this precious nectar.

The company's primary objectives focused on cosmetics, but we quickly turned to using Donkey's milk in the sensitive field of infant food and for the increasing number of people who are allergic to sheep/cow milk proteins. Starting in 2008, the company has gradually expanded, and it is now the world leader in the Donkey's milk sector, thanks to its clear resource management policy and its innovation and research methods that are in line with the challenges of our times.

Rhyton plastique en forme de tête d'âne représentant Dionysos et une ménade. Provenance : Athènes. Donkey's milk production is rare and precious: donkey breeding calls for meticulous expertise, and Eurolactis milks the animals mechanically, according to a special model and in line with our quality control system, generally once or twice a day for, with the foal nearby, with full respect for the ecological environment. Our aim is to instill values in our partners who also work in the dairy raw materials sector. Eurolactis strives to create Value and move forward, over the long term, with full respect for business ethics while serving a true social role and contributing to the organic growth of this precious fluid, Donkey's milk, and to the authentic, scientifically applicable traditions that surround it.

All these efforts have been rewarded with an outstanding quality of life on our partner farms and extraordinary virtues found in our Donkey's milk. We hope to support the commercial and agricultural expansion of this dairy segment, under the best possible ecological, entrepreneurial and human conditions, alongside a modern communication strategy.