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- a 100% natural product
- pure whole Donkey's milk
- very similar to human breast milk
- whole raw milk classified as hypoallergenic
- ideal as a nutritional supplement
- rare for its biological contribution
- if needed, as recommended by a physician, an ideal substitute for breast milk- long use-by date
- 100ml Mono-dose easy to carry and store

"Onalat" Ready to Drink whole Donkey's milk is the result of years of food industry R&D. "Onalat" is exclusively composed of whole Donkey's milk from Eurolactis-supervised farms. The use of Tetra Pak to make Donkey's milk more affordable and perfectly conserved is one of Eurolactis' advantages, and the process has undergone strict selection criteria. It is the first time a company manufactured Donkey Milk in Tetra Pak; this technique helps best preserve the organoleptic and nutritional aspects of Donkey's milk on a liquid version. "Onalat Ready to Drink" contains as much Omega 3 as breast milk and approximately twice as much as cow's milk. Clinical studies have shown that Donkey's milk was tolerated by around 90% of people allergic to cow's milk. Onalat is not suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.