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- First in Switzerland
- Rare chocolate in its golden case
- 100% non-bovine milk
- Light and smooth
- A chocolate you ask for
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We offer an exceptional chocolate, produced with an outstanding milk, known since centuries for its unique virtues.

« Le Quartier des Ânes » is a masterpiece of chocolate due to the complexity of its production and manufacturing. Thanks to his exceptional know-how, Gérard Fornerod maintains an innovative tradition crowned by the launch of the first non-bovine milk Swiss chocolate bar.

« Le Quartier des Ânes » is a masterpiece of chocolate that is a reference of innovation in this area. The gilding of its case represents the nutritional values of the legendary Donkey milk history. Extracting the best of an ancestral milk and transforming it into a chocolate Icon: That was the delicate task of the Chocolate Master Gérard Fornerod and its partner Eurolactis. This creation awakens an emotion in the palate while responding to the growing issues linked to cow milk protein allergies. The aim was to find the perfect balance between this milky heritage and the complexity of our daily nutrition. The “Quartier des Ânes” chocolate is an exceptional chocolate seduction.